Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Gabriel Toth ,and I am a Qualified artist of the National Cultural Heritage and the E.U.’s Cultural Heritige!

Artistic activites:sculpture,relief,painting,frezetto/special enduring relief painting was made with a unique aristic technique/,graphics…..
The priece of the works of art normative look up with confidence and we agree certainly!

I offer an investments for you: their value increases in every year and as a contemporary artwork these keep their values!

These are Qualified Artworks, that are excellent investments, as well.

For example:


The qualified price of the artwork The Birth of the Universe is:
In 2012:  7.500 000 HUF
The price of the Artworks Qualified to be the Part of the National Cultural Heritage

Short biography

He was born at March 3, 1968 in Győr, Hungary.

In his early childhood his vocation and talent for the art has manifested, he has finished his studies in 1985 as a wood sculptor.

In the coming days he creates continuously in various fields of art such as: wood carvings, sculptures, reliefs, pottery, busts, statuettes, paintings and murals.

From 2007 he was the member of the Beöthy Fine and Applied Arts and Literary society.

He participates at several exhibitions.

In 2011. official painter artist.

2013. Relief paintings, Frezetto – outdoor permanent relief paintings.

The Frezetto is a protected technique, invention of Hajnalka Beőthy-Élő.

He has gained professional recognition with his modern oil paintings and reliefs.

He saw lots of potential and opportunity in the various branches of art, by which he felt more and more new dimensions as an artist.

His artworks can be found in several countries of the world:

Hungary, Slovakia, England, Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, USA including at Lisa Mary Presley and the Holland Antilles.